Prentiss Taylor

American, 1907-1991

Artist biography

The Service Club

lithograph 1939


pencil signed, titled & dated

edition 35

exhibited in Art of Today, New York World's Fair, 1939

10 1/2 x 14 1/4 inches


125th Street Viaduct 

Autumn Breakfast 

Black on Black - Pittsburgh 

Bridge at Ronda 

C&O Lock #1 

Cliff & Ruin / Canyon de Chelly 

Drag at the Howard (study) 

Flooded Quarry 

GI Baptism, Caserta Reale 

Jaguar in Chichen Itza 

Living Statues 

Louisburg Square 

Louisburg Square - Boston 

LST Delivery 

Morning Light, Telluride 

Myself as Mezzetin 

Paving Cutters' Tents (R. & Q. 54) 

Preludes to Finland 

Public Way (R. & Q. 42) 


Rocky Neck Railways (High & Dry) 

Segovia Aquaduct Romano 

Segovia Aqueduct, Silhouette & Shadow 

Siesta, Montecassino 

Silent Mill 

Stormed In 

The Church at Trampas 

The Coal Gleaners 

The Service Club 

West Cornwall Silo