From Knoblock 
From Knoblock, gouache, 1935

Platt Fine Art Presents:
Harold Weston: Paintings & Works on Paper by an American Modernist

 Opening Reception:
Friday, October, 5 2012
5pm - 8pm 

On View at the Gallery:
October 5 - December 15, 2012

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 8pm 


 Platt Fine Art is proud to present an exhibition and sale of works on paper by Adirondack Modernist painter and printmaker, Harold Weston.  This is a follow-up show to our 2002 exhibition of works by the artist.  Since that time, awareness of the individual genius of Weston’s creative impulse has continued to grow.  In 2005-2006, The Adirondack Museum mounted a major retrospective on Weston titled Wild Exuberance: Harold Weston’s Adirondack Art, accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue published by Syracuse University Press.  A documentary film of the artist’s life, A Bigger Belief in Beauty, was produced and recently aired on Public Television.  And his autobiography Freedom in the Wilds: an Artist in the Adirondacks, detailing his 50 years of living and painting in the Adirondacks, was recently republished with updated endnotes and a new forward by the artist’s granddaughter.

We would like to think of this current gallery show as a continuation of the revelations brought to us by all of the new activity surrounding the artist’s life and work.  But in the end, it is Weston himself simply showing us what has always been present in his work: a fresh and modern way to see nature and our landscape.

The unique narrative put forth by Weston is evident in such works like
From Knoblock (above left) and October Snow on Range.  Also of note is the piece “Sawing Wood,”  a watercolor exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, in 1934.

Setting Sun Rhodes
Setting Sun - Rhodes, gouache, 195

Our exhibition also includes some of Weston’s very  singular and innovative interpretations of the landscape and completed while living on the Isle of Rhodes, in 1958.  
Rhodes and Setting Sun - Rhodes (at right), are good examples from this phase in Weston’s career.

A complete understanding of Weston could not be achieved without also presenting work from his French period, where he painted the Pyrenees and Paris,  from 1926 to 1930.  Pieces like
Dancers Embraced (Below Left) and Two Figures   are examples from this early chapter in his career.   Moreover, this was also a time of great experimentation in printmaking, for Weston.  Etchings like “Moonlight Dance” and “How Say Nay” were created during this time.

Dancers Embraced
Dancers Embraced, watercolor on tan paper, c. 1929

Please visit the gallery this September to view the show in person.  We are open by appointment, Monday through Saturday,  10am to 5pm.  The work can also be viewed online at:

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery or at art fairs throughout the country.

Alan Q. Platt, Director and Owner
Platt Fine Art


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